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It's an inside job

 If you ready or even think you are ready to look where your happiness, security and success truly come from instead of innocently looking outside of yourself then lets get straight to it.

 As a Personal, business motivational and inspirational Trainer, author and speaker, it took  me a while to figure this out, all my life actually, but the fact is just like you can't put hunger in someone else's belly if they aren't hungry in the first place, similarly, you can't give away an insight of fresh new thinking into how life works, if a person is not looking in the first place.  

The implications behind this are that you just have to be ready, ready to look at different realities and have some faith... and the best  way I  know of beginning the process is to start appreciating, being grateful for what you already have right now, no matter where you start, no matter what your situation, because that brings you into the present moment into good feelings which are the only game  in town.

The past is dead.  You can't alter what is in the past, but you sure as hell can live out your' identity' in the subtle illusion  of the past. The future doesn't exist yet but we sure as heck put our money on it being our salvation for what we have to put up, with having to do what we 'have to do' in order to get 'there'....wherever there is.  Therefore both the past and the future are illusory.  We can t touch the past and we can't touch the future and as Syd Banks, theosopher,  enlightened speaker and author said ''the past is dead, all that's left are memories which are carried through time via thought'.

With a deepening inner hunger, created by a gnawing sense that something just isn't right.  Maybe, you are beginning to  see through the big illusion , having insightfully seen or lived  through it and bought into the cultural myth that money and materialism buys happiness, and good feelings of security, and longevity.   Perhaps you're beginning to question the fact that things just don't stack up any more, the way in which you were taught and bought into the prevailing western way of believing that its an outside in worldof  circumstance creating our experience of life, and that if we only have the right amount of money, love, equity, friends, holidays, drugs, alcohol, promotions or wins, then the good feelings we crave will follow...and stay.  But perhaps deep inside you 'know' this isn't the way life works and something else is behind it all, something positive great and life changing..  

With a healthy  positive attitude maybe you're discovering its okay to want what you want  and to know if it doesn't  happen your life doesn't depend on it. You may now be curious  to discover how life really works, how to create something awesome or to get that brand new position, start that company or whatever it might be, and to do it all without the complexity of moralising whether it's the right thing to do or not.  Yet because we live in separate  realities, my definition of happiness, for example, of course will be very different to yours.  My understanding of how life works, from the inside out, from our thinking and not ever our external circumstances, opens us up to the unknown with our wisdom  when  we tranquiise our personal thinking.   This allows us to not only to find  and follow our bliss to make what we want, create, supply and build something awesome that we also benefits people hugely allowing us to live how we want and to have fun living it, because you'll know you're totally on the right path to make what you make and  keep what you make, whilst benefiting others and society with far, far less stress, and.more fun, with a lasting lust and passion for life.


The Three Principles

 It may sound simple but how often do we miss  the simple and most profound things in life because we believe that everything in life has to be complex?  Correspondingly, Once I came across the work of Sydney Banks and the 3 principles I knew I had found the way life works and a deepening understanding of how the 3 principles were behind all life and that only the illusion of our ego based personal thinking was ever preventing us from seeing who we truly are...  (the hidden illusion is that we are what we have always sought outside of ourselves and that only our personal thinking gets in the way. 


Mind Consciousness and Thought

So, who are we and what is happening to us?  The power  behind the 3 principles is who we are  and is what's behind what's happening to us.  We are creating our reality through the 3 principles of mind, consciousness and thought. Mind is the Universal intellligence behind all life,, concsiousness is that which allows us to be aware of our experience and thought is that which creates  our reality, although thought is not reality, it looks to us every bit like reality in our minds and with the gift of free will, we all get to choose the life we want.   Yet, and yet, beyond the fear, the jealousy, the anger, the illusion..the ego  is just our  personal thinking that skews, filters and distorts our reality moment to moment based on our past and attachments and clinging to things. Our personal thinking is is not only subjective, based on our parenting, peers, experiences and cultural reinforcements; it is also arbitrary, we can think anything we want and have it look true to us, that's the job of consciousness make us richly  aware of our experience.  it, our personal thinking is also  illusory, because as we really don't know what is going on out there, we simply make it up as we go along and think this must be reality...

 We innocently cling onto our personal thinking like it's the last life boat on the titanic but this couldn't  be any further from the truth if we made it all up, which in reality is what we are always doing.  Really, our identity is a false sense of who we are which is deeply rooted in the past and also unwittingly fixated on the future which is where we seek a projected liberation from our insecurities (see above) we say to ourselves, l'll  be alright when I get the girl, the guy, (or get rid of the girl, the guy), the house the money, the friends,, the success etc, and crucially this keeps us out of really enjoying and appreciating what we already have, living in the present moment, right here, right now, which is the only place we can ever be, the one place we can create our rich tomorrows... and this fact never alters.

Fresh thinking

 Once we get an insight, and insight is just fresh new thinking, once we start to see that we are living in a psychological reality and our personal thinking is what is creating our reality, we begin to live in the here and now,  once we realise that our thinking is creating our every day realities,... only then can we  move out of the non existent past and the illusory future, and make a gigantic leap into clarity, into the unknown and out of the way we think it all is and into who we truly are: which is Amazing, Awesome, creative, resilient, wise and super talented...In fact when we see how it really is we find ourselves saying 'it cant be that simple, it just can't be'...and that's when  we start to lose it again.

There is a good reason Einstein said keep it simple, but not too simple.  


It's an inside job.  In a world of thought you are creating your own experience of reality every day...if you don't think so then just take a look around you   


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