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"It took me a while to work it out but once I came across the work of Sydney Banks I knew I had found the way life works and the grand illusion behind our thinking that has always prevented us  from getting what we want, from becoming the kind of person we truly are behind  the veil, the veneer of our personal thoughts...beyond the fear, the illusion, the jealousy, the anger...the ego..." . It's our personal thinking that skews our reality.  What we think of and cling onto, like it's the last life boat on the titanic, is our identity.  A false sense of ourself deeply rooted in the past and fixatedi in the future where we seek a projected liberation from our insecurities...this is what we experience in return, and this fact never alters....Until we do..

 Once we get an insight, once we start to see that there is only the present moment and begin to live in the here and now  and begin to realise how our thinking is creating our every day reality, we can move out of the non existent past and the illusory future and make such a gigantic leap into clarity, and out of the way we think it all is,  and into who we truly are: which is Amazing, Awesome, resilient, wise and super talented...In fact when see how it really is we can find ourselves saying 'it cant be that simple'...and that's when  we start to lose it again.

There is a good reason Einstein said keep it simple, but not too simple.  


Russ Meyers 

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