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Let me ask you a question.  What is the one thing you haven't got and can't hold on to whether you're a Billionaire, a Multi- Millionaire or Joe Average - and It's also a cast iron certainty it's going to slip away from you every day.  It's something a Multi-Millionaire friend said is the most valuable commodity in life.  In fact this elusive element is...If you don't yet know...isTIME.

You can't make it, create it or hoard it.  You can't stave it off when you're under time pressure and you can't purchase it when you need something to happen yesterday.  Time as they say has an inexorable quality about it.  It marches on regardless and it's effects are also ruthless and relentless.  Time cuts its lines into society, into it's culture, it's structures and also irreversibly into your skin.

 Hi my name is Russ Meyers and may I offer you an extra special warm welcome particularly if this is your first visit to the inspirational skin care and face treatment centre for men.  Today's man knows, pretty much, the incredible value of having a face and skin routine both now and in later life, in fact the earlier the better  - but just can't afford the TIMEto apply what they know, relative to having such a knowledge.  So what happens? You have a quick wash sometimes with water, sometimes you add soap to your skin.  A quick squirt and a rub with the shaving cream - caring little for its harsh contents, and away you go.  you're into your shave, looking at the internal clock you then pull and grind our way through, slap on a little or a liberal amount of cologne depending again on the time, and there, thats're off and away leaving you're face and skin to the vagaries of time, a harsh climate and everyday toxins plus environmental dirt and grime.  If you're skin could talk it would say STOP! HELP!!  You can't just rush through with a coffee, a wash and a shave and call that you're face and skin care routine.  Stop. What does your face feel like? If it's anything like mine before I knew what I was doing and I'm guessing we're not too dissimilar then like me your  skin feels harsh, raw and unnaturally tight.

But we do know and you do know...and then something stops you and you catch yourself in the mirror.  Your skin looks like you feel.

Today I'm very pleased to welcome you to the unique skin care for men treatment centre with Tom Ford skin care as the beautiful yet simple foundation for my skincare work.  Motivating, inspiring and helping people move toward feeling and looking great has been my life's work, helping people to relax in their own absolute abundance, given an understanding of how life truly works, this is what has given my life such riches. Studying firstly under Tony Robbins, the world's most successful peak performance coach and then continuing to learn from some of the best trainers and coaches in the world I have focused consistently more of my time on looking and feeling fabulous from within as I have found there is nothing we need to run from or toward, everything just is.  Perfectly imperfect.

Looking great and feeling fabulous from within

So as you can perhaps see already, my perception of looking great and feeling amazing comes from a deep centred understanding that how you treat yourself is a function of how you feel about yourself and how you feel about yourself is a function of your understanding how life works.

Listen to what Tom Fordsays about this spiritual aspect of life:

 "I am a spiritual person in an eastern religion kind of way. I learned that happiness for all of us is a switch that you flick in your brain. It doesn't have anything to do with getting a new house, a new car, a new girlfriend, or a new pair of shoes. Our culture is very much about that; we are never happy with what we have today. We always think that we need something else to be happy".

What I discovered after years of misguided, misunderstood and misinformed cultural learning is that what I sought outside of myself and how to get it, was to push and hustle for attention, for acceptance, for love, for the sale, for affection, for accolades and reward, yet beyond all that there really is no-one outside of myself to impress, no-one to please, no-one to fear, placate or obsess about.  It is from this space that I work from, and from this place that allows me to express myself in my skin care treatment.  The pleasure I get is purely a function of seeing how much you care about yourself as you allow me to do what I love to do which is to take care of you.  The warmth, care and attention you give to nourishing, cleansing, moisturising and hydrating that wonderful skin and face of yours which after all will always be a mirror of how you feel about yourself is but a reminder for me and you of the privilige given to us to live in this world and be happy

Working and living from values

Within my life as an inspirational coach I became very successful  helping young people, entrepreneurs, actors, in film, tv and sport to be their best and most brilliant self.  Yet often it seemed that all the success and all the failures (you can't succeed without failing first, whatever success means to you) seemed to amount to less and less as I discovered that success which includes being happy, feeling and looking great and for all the fabulous material trappings and wonderful experiences it brought could not guarantee my clients or indeed myself the long lasting happiness we all seek.

In my journey to now I have written books about success as I struggled to understand why it was I was feeling this way after trying so hard for so long to reach the heights of my current understanding about success and I studied harder, worked longer and thought more in the hope that more, faster, longer and bigger would bring me a higher quality and better answer to my uncertainties.  Alas to no avail.  

From outside in to inside out -

How you look and feel is a function of whether you're looking from the inside or the outside

It was at this time I began to look elsewhere to Nlp, Cbt, Rogerian therapy and to spiritual wisdom much more, and as is so often the case in life and quite by chance, I happened to come across a man called Ram Dass encouraging his readers to look within for the lasting happiness and wisdom we sought. 

Formerly called Richard Alpert, a very successful and prominent Harvard Psychologist whom, alongside Timothy Leary the Lsd guru of the 60's, underwent a profound disillusion wth the psycholgical philosophies of the day to which end they were teaching.  Notwithstanding the Neurosis and disquiet they both felt but could not understand their experimentations with psychoactive drugs eventually led to their dismissal from the ivory college and subsequently closed out the middle sixties with the jailing of Leary, and with Alpert setting out on a journey of spiritual discovery and adventure in India.

Alpert or Ram Dass as he became known the world over, after been given the name by his spiritual guru Neem Karol Baba, or the Maharaji as he became affectionatly known, went on to become a hugely iconic spiritual teacher, influencing millions to look within for the answers they sought, to free themselves from the chains that held them and to realising everything lay within...we just don't know it, yet.  So instead of seeking the cultural and wholly outward looking symbols of success and materialism that he had grown accustomed to, Ram Dass began teaching that the present moment and within each of us, is where the answers we seek reside. Everything. 

Eventually his teaching led to the publishing of his most famous work in 1971 called BE HERE NOW.  it  was from Ram Dass's work that I went on to explore Buddhism and Mindfulness via Thich Nhat Hanh and something called the Three Principles as experienced and taught by Sid Banks.  It is to this end that my work points toward, that beauty truly is found within and that any and every expression of these principles is worthwhile in work, rest, play  and ultimately, how we take care of ourselves.



   "Its taken a long time to develop products.  Skin care is something I use and believe that I'm a valid spokesperson for - it's always been very important to me.  My own skin care ritual is quite simple and straightforward; I don't like a lot of fuss,       surprisingly.  My products are designed to make you look and feel better.  I think there are a lot of men out there who want and need the same products."     Tom Ford


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